Zero Carb SRO Review (VPX)


The VPX Zero Carb SRO is a whey protein isolate, which I tested out while I was on my ripped cycle. I used this product owing to its extremely low carbohydrate contents and good number of servings per container. It is a decent whey protein isolate, and I got good recovery while using this protein.

VPX (or Redline Sports Nutrition) are US based and started out in 1993, but I haven’t even tried many of their products until now so I was interested to see how Zero Carb SRO worked out. I bought a 4.4 lbs tub, in Serious Chocolate flavor.


It has a mild chocolate odor, not very strong. The taste is also really mild and not a rich chocolate despite the label “serious chocolate”.

The odor, consistency and taste reminded me of whey that I used sometime back i.e. Universal Max Protein. It tastes quite similar to that and has the same consistency.

I took it in water and it mixes pretty well without a single lump. It’s an ideal product for people on low carb or ketogenic diets for losing fat. If you are lactose intolerant then you can use this protein. There are no lumps, so no complaints about its mixability. You can see the image below – I mixed a scoop of Zero Carb in water with spoon. So, I can conclude that it mixes in water very smoothly.


There were issues with digestibility. I had some bloating despite there being no sugar added to it or even any carbs in it. I felt flatulence and used digestive enzymes along with the protein. I took around 6 scoops in a day at various times – 2 after workout, 2 scoops as first thing in the morning and 2 before workout. I would say the ideal time to use this protein is before and after workout to meet the protein requirements for a serious workout.

Zero Carb SRO seems to be an expensive product but it’s quite good in terms of recovery. A 4.4 lbs tub will give you around 85 servings which is really good. Cost per serving is obviously higher than other whey proteins, but the price is justified by use of the reverse osmosis filtration method which preserves the essential elements of whey protein. These include lactalbumin and lactoferrins which get destroyed during other cheaper methods of whey protein processing.

Does It Work?

Final words are about its effectiveness. It worked great for me and helped me recover from workouts in a short period of time. I gained no weight while on this supplement, but didn’t lose any muscle either and that’s the important thing whenever you are on a fat burn.

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