Review Posting Guidelines


We are looking for reviewers to let us and all other supplement users know what they think of the supplements that they have used. We would like honest opinions of the different supplements so that other users know whether to buy or not. The reviews are really important as people are making lifestyle choices when buying supplements. They are having an effect on their body and so it is important to know what others think of them. We need to know good and bad things about these supplements. We do have some guidelines though.

Use a good format – please make sure that you use correct spellings and grammar as well as good punctuation. We need to make sure that all of the reviews make sense and are easy to read. Do not use all capital letters as it looks like you are shouting at us! Please split into paragraphs or use bullet points where necessary to make it easier to read. Please watch your language too – bad words such as swear words or vulgarities are not acceptable. There are other ways to put forward a strong viewpoint than using bad language!

Leave a detailed review– it is useful to write as many information as you can. What was the product like to take? Was it easy to use? how long before you noticed a difference and what difference did you notice? Did you notice any adverse effects and how long did they last? Did you think that it offered good value for money. Would you buy it again? How was the taste?Consider what information you would like to know about a product before you buy it and make sure that you include that information in your review.

These guidelines define what’s accepted on (from here on also referred to as workoutsupplementreviews). Please read them carefully as breaching them will result in reviews (and other content) being removed, listings penalized and accounts banned .

Only post if you have finished the Product– If you only had a sample pack or just started taking the product then you may not have felt the full effects. Please take the whole bottle before reviewing it as it can take time for you to notice a change in your body, both good and bad. The only exception is if you had to stop because you suffered from adverse side effects. Then let us know exactly what happened, how you felt and why you decided to stop taking it.Please upload at least 3 pictures of the product like the front, back,content and how it look like when mixed.

Please Leave Several Reviews – if you have tried a selection of products then please leave several reviews. We will know that you are a real customer if you leave a great selection of different reviews for all of the products that you have tried. You will also help more people with deciding what to buy if you review more than one of the items. No company affiliates – if you have any sort of affiliation with the company selling the product then we know that you love the product! So if you are a rep, owner, promoter, employee or a friend or relative of someone with any sort of affiliation with the product then I am afraid we do not want a review.

This is because you could be biased in favour of the product and we want to make sure the opinions that we get are from genuine users with no affiliation of that company. If you have a product you would like reviewed, then please let us know and we will find a reviewer with no affiliation to the product to provide an unbiased review. No incentive based reviews – if someone offers you something in return for doing a review then again, we are not interested. If this has happened to you then please let us know, whether it was a coupon, cash or a free gift. Thank you.