Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Reviews (Muscletech)


Before I begin, I’d have to stress that although Hydroxycut Hardcode Pro is incredibly effective, it is not a miracle diet supplement. No, you are not going to lose all that fat by simply taking pills and lying down all day eating whatever food you like. Getting optimum results from Hydroxycut entails a proper diet and a good amount of exercise.

My Experience

I had already been exercising for a couple of weeks when a friend introduced me to this product. During that time I was doing the renowned P90X workout series and it’s sad to admit this, but I couldn’t even finish one circuit. After taking Hydroxycut my energy levels just skyrocketed, and eventually within a few more weeks I could easily complete the workout program with minimal breaks. A big plus for this product is that you could just feel the burn from the ridiculous amount of perspiration it causes. Needless to say, I was dropping an extra 1-3 lbs per week after that. With Hydroxycut you get enhanced metabolism, increased energy, increased muscle definition, and one of the best things about it, appetite control. It was just amazing.


As I have already mentioned, my exercise consisted of Tony Horton’s P90X home fitness program 4 times a week, which consists of cardio, yoga and sculpt (weight lifting). I started with lower and slower reps from the program, but eventually as time went on and as I lost more weight, I was able to increase the speed and repetitions of each circuit.


As most people would tell you, losing weight starts in the kitchen. Don’t expect to eat a whole stack of baby back ribs on with a bowl of mashed potatoes on top of a tub of ice cream and expect to lose weight miraculously with this product. Obviously that won’t work. In my case, I started down-sizing my meals for a couple of weeks before I actually started a hardcore diet which consists of fruits and oatmeal for breakfast, tuna wheat bread sandwich and salad for lunch, and lean chicken breast meat and assorted vegetables for dinner. Basically, I just made sure I had a vitamin rich diet and I watched my carbohydrate intake closely, this includes soft-drinks and juices. However, the most important thing is to maintain self-control.

Other supplements

I did not take any other dietary supplements besides Hydroxycut and the usual multivitamin. Funny thing is, I never took any protein supplements or protein shakes yet my muscles just kept growing, and considering that my main agenda in exercising was to simply lose weight, this was a big plus. I guess Muscletech wasn’t kidding with the label “get ripped”.

Side Effects

If you read the warning on the label, there’s an immense amount of caffeine in one serving of Hydroxycut, so it really isn’t recommended for anyone under the age of 18, people with heart conditions, or anyone overly sensitive to caffeine. Also you shouldn’t take the supplement if you don’t plan on exercising at all throughout the day. And again I cannot stress this enough, if you don’t live an active lifestyle while taking this supplement, the caffeine dose might send you palpitating.


Before I end my product review I would like to address the Hydroxycut recall that occurred around 2009. Since then Hydroxycut has been reformulated and has been proven immensely effective through clinical studies. Also, every time I go through a bottle of Hydroxycut I go for a liver function test, and so far I have yet to receive any liver damage that people claim to have been caused by this product.

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