Adonis Golden Ratio System Review


Here’s my experience and review of the ‘Adonis Golden Ratio’ training system. Here I’ll cover what you get for your money, who it’s good for (and who it isn’t good for!) plus some tips on getting the best out of it, if you decide it’s for you.

Sometimes in life you just need a plan to follow that gets results. Then you can shut out all the other noise and confusing opinions and just hit the gym knowing what you need to do today. That’s pretty much the idea here, and there’s no denying that it can give you solid results.

So, What’s This ‘Adonis Golden Ratio’ Thing All About?

In short it’s a workout system designed by John Barban. It’s a 12 week program broken into cycles of 4 weeks, that is designed for rapid muscle growth and fat loss. The name comes from AGR being focused on giving you the most aesthetically appealing physique for your body type.

Why? Because the reality is the vast majority of us want to get ripped to look good. Sure we want to be stronger too and that comes naturally from bigger muscles. But do you want to be stronger but fat..?! Or are you really looking for lean muscle, with an impressive physique that people notice – and you’ll take the strength that just naturally comes with that?

This is one of the key differences between this system and others. Men in particular tend to focus too much on certain body areas that give you unbalanced results, leave fat behind – and ultimately to the point where it just looks weird. But with the help of this program your legs, chest, arms, back, and abs stay in that ‘golden ratio’ proportion, which has been proven to give a much more visibly appealing physique.

The program also takes into account the many different starting proportions people have, which is good, we all start out in different shape. The goal of the system is to target your perfect “natural Adonis Ratio”. Your body has this naturally, it just needs to be uncovered.

So the key here is you get a customized exercise and nutrition plan that is designed for your specific body shape according to your “Adonis Index”. You simply enter the necessary measurements into their tool, and all of your exercises and nutrients will be customized for achieving you. It’s clever and something I particularly liked.

Who Created It?

The dude who created the program is John Barban. You probably won’t know him but he’s ‘the man’ when it comes to developing custom performance fitness programs. He’s got over 10 years under his belt as a consultant for pretty much everybody in the sports level supplements industry. He has a degree and masters in Human Biology & Nutrition, and has taught Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida. He’s also been a Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Guelph

And when you see the shape at which he is in now, you will know what to expect of his program. Let’s just say there’s no BS here, John is properly qualified to be teaching this stuff.

What You Get

OK, firstly let me point out that all the tools and training are either online or downloadable stuff. Which is why it’s such good value (more on that in a moment) – but it also means you get instant access to everything 30 seconds after you join. Maybe I’m just impatient but that scores big point with me 🙂

The meat of the system is of course the custom 12 week program. But note that this isn’t just a set of workouts – as any serious gym member will tell you getting real results is just as much about nutrition and supplements. Any workout plan that doesn’t cover this properly is just wasting your time. But John gives this stuff the proper attention that it needs.

Here’s just a hint of the stuff he gets into:-

Training Program

  • A very weird but powerful trick to create an ‘anabolic growth advantage’ for your weakest muscles
  • Your Golden sequence of exercise sets and reps to create rapid symmetrical lean muscle growth and fat loss.
  • Specific exercises you should NEVER do unless you want to just look fatter (yes, you will know these!)

Nutrition program

  • A super simple Golden Ratio Nutritional Software which customizes your nutrition to your own Adonis Index
  • See exactly which “cheat foods” you will be allowed to eat (you won’t miss much)
  • Discover how and when to match specific foods to specific workouts

Ratio supplementation

  • Understand why a lot of big brand supplements are a total waste of money
  • The 2 brands that fully win John’s trust (bear in mind his 10+ year experience working in this industry)
  • The one fat burner that actually does what it promises

Does Adonis Golden Ratio Work For Everyone?

This particular program has been specifically designed for men. Sorry ladies, this isn’t for you.

But the way John has approached creating this system, it really is suitable for all body types. That’s not an easy thing to achieve so kudos to him for putting this togther – it must have taken all his experience and a lot of work to create it. Because not every workout is right for everyone, yet how often do you see any kind of custom program tailored to your own body type and shape!?

However, there is one thing to be aware of. Please do not think this will be a piece of cake. This is an intense level program which will require 12 weeks of commitment from you. You’re gonna feel some muscle aches 🙂

But you’ll also start seeing and feeling results pretty damn fast – I reckon most people will already notice the difference by week 3 or 4. And if you can stick it to the end of that 12 weeks, man you’ll be kicking yourself for not having done this sooner.

Of course, if you are in pretty bad shape this may be too intense for you or you may just need to go slower. If you’re in any doubt at all you must consult your doctor before starting out.

The Good & The Bad

No one program is perfect for everyone. This isn’t for women, it isn’t for people with serious health issues and it isn’t for advanced athletes who already spend most of their life in the gym.

But this program is suitable for most men. And there is a 60 day no questions Money Back Guarantee – really, and I know for a fact they stand by that too, but John says hardly anyone takes them up on it which doesn’t really surprise me.


  • Ideal for beginners through to fairly advanced
  • Easy to get started
  • Focuses on attaining lean muscle without gaining fat
  • Personalized for your exact body
  • Focuses on achieving proportions proven to turn heads
  • Instant access


  • This program is strictly for men
  • Not really for advanced athletes (although you may pick up some useful tips)
  • Digital product (some people prefer physical books – although you can just take the files to your local copy shop on a USB stick and get it printed dead cheap!)

How Much Does It Cost?

The full training package will cost you $37. Yup, that’s it. Because it’s all online and downloadable they pass on all those savings in production and shipping costs. They could easily charge 3 times the price and it would still be a bargain.

Plus Some Bonuses

I think these change from time to time, but right now they are also throwing in 3 extra bonuses for free.

The Adonis Arms & Abs Assault – complementing the main system this provides some more advanced techniques for those areas that give the most visual impact
Adonis Unlimited Upgrades – seriously! John works this stuff day in, day out and sometimes better techniques come along, as a Member you get those upgrades for Free
7 Days Out Special Program – this comes from Kyle Leon, it’s interesting but not really my thing. It’s about some of those tricks, like manipulating water intake/retention, that you can use for seriously fast visual results.

Final Words

orderThe Adonis Golden Ratio system is one of the few systems that is designed to maximize muscle growth with minimal fat gain. It tailors to your own body shape and type. And it’s an all-in-one package at a great price.

It’s about looking amazing first and strength second. Because that’s we all really want – we’re not trying to be olympic power lifters, nor do you want to look like one because those guys look freaky!

This is probably the only workout system you will ever need.

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