Superior Amino 2222 Reviews (Optimum Nutrition)


ON manufactures superior amino 2222 softgels, capsules and tablets. The company is well known throughout the world for its first class supplements. I usually do not take amino acid supplements but I wanted to try this one as my gym friends gave good reviews about it.

I got these from my brother and I did not buy them. There are 150 servings in the bottle and 2 softgels make a serving. I took 6 servings a day for a total of 12 softgels (4 in morning, 4 softgels before workout and 4 post workout). This one is one of the cheapest amino acid supplements on the market. Per serving cost is quite a lot less than other products.

The source of amino acids in this supplement is caseinates. If you check the product label it says caseinates and gelatin (for the capsule).

My Experience

So here is my review and experience with the Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino 2222 softgels.

These are white colored softgels that come in a bottle. The amino acid profile on the product explains everything about the supplement. Just 2 grams protein per serving is not enough to meet the requirements of everyone so there is nothing special about this supplement in terms of protein.

The source of the amino acids is not the free form of amino acid, instead it comes from caseinates. And similarly if you see the amino acids tablets from the same brand, the source is soy protein isolate which is worse than taking caseinates. So, I consider there is no use in spending money on such a supplement if you can get 2 lbs of whey protein or spend a bit more to get casein and a higher amount of protein. The main motive is recovery and the concept is to get amino acids quickly into the blood stream after workouts. The aim is compromised here due to slower absorption and therefore the protein from the supplement will go through the same process of digestion creating no difference at all for speedy recovery.

Okay, enough of being critical in this review, here’s my overall summary of the ON’s 2222 Superior Amino.

Ease during swallowing – It is not that easy to swallow. The caplets aren’t too large nor they are too small, I just find I need to concentrate on them while swallowing. I cut open one softgel and the inside content tasted like Vitamin E and chalk blended together. I got burps of a similar taste if taken on an empty stomach. I will rate it 6 out of 10 for lesser comfort during swallowing.

Digestion I got slight flatulence and I blame the gelatin for that. But it scores 7/10 for digestion.

Effectiveness – I have given clear insight into why I think this amino acid supplement is actually not really an amino acid supplement but an expensive source of 2 grams protein per serving. I didn’t notice any real change as I took this supplement, there was not much change in recovery time. I also started using creatine while I was using it, therefore, the slight change could have come from creatine. This gets 5/10 for effect.

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