Ultra Whey Pro Reviews (Universal)


Universal is probably the best brand of world class elite supplements for bodybuilders and sportsmen in the world. Everyone knows the company and a lot of people are happy to even blindly trust any product they put out with even reading a review. Personally, I’m a little more cautious.

So, Ultra Whey Pro is a premium quality protein from the company which I have used twice now (2 tubs that is, not just 2 servings!) and I am impressed by the effectiveness. It is a whey protein concentrate and contains fractions of isolate and hydrolysates as well. It is processed by the ultra filtration method – which is the best method as it preserves the essential elements like lactoferrins and  immunoglobulin.


The product provides 22 grams of protein in a 30 grams serving, and you get 75 servings in a tub. So you can expect around 1544 grams of protein from one tub of Ultra Whey Pro. I bought chocolate ice cream flavor for just $45 which makes it quite economic.


I stacked it with Universal Creatine and took it after and before my workouts. The taste is good and I liked drinking it. It’s good in water but tastes great in milk – like chocolate ice cream – and I took it in milk generally as I am on my gaining cycle.

The consistency is quite granular and uniform. It mixes fast and without any shaking in both water and milk as well. I noticed no clumps at all in water, a few in milk but it took barely any effort to dissolve them to give a rich protein shake.

I had some bloating and flatulence while I was using this. I guess there are no digestive enzymes added to the whey and I had been using digestion aids which I stopped while I was using Ultra Whey Pro. I didn’t feel much discomfort but there was some bloating.

It’s quite economic and easily available. Other similar products are Dymatize Elite or Cytosport Complete.

How Well Does It Work?

Now the most important part, i.e. effectiveness. I felt it that it helped me recover well and I gained some lean mass as well. I know creatine improves the recovery period and it is also a fact that creatine works best in presence of protein and carbohydrates. Therefore, I took it with creatine and it worked well for me. I took 2 servings after the workout for quick supply of protein to the muscles exhausted after strength training sessions.

There are mixed reviews about this product. Some liked it and some didn’t. Many of my friends commented about bloating and flatulence, so it may be worth adding some digestive enzymes to it. It does come in 2 lbs to 10 lbs packages so you can buy 2 lbs to just try how it tastes and the digestibility for you.

Will I buy it again? Yes, I will buy it again in future.