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One of the fundamental human desires is to be better than we are. And that applies to our brains just as much as to our bodies.

Sometimes you just need something to help keep you alert and active – typically we hit the coffee. Anyone who has had a baby come into their life will know exactly what I am talking about here – long, restless nights and then trying to do your best to concentrate at work, or even just cope with the normal daily stuff. I love coffee, but I’ve also found a better answer to brain performance – if you haven’t heard about nootropics yet, get ready for the revoution!

Essentially these are supplements that trigger your brain into being more active and maintaining concentration for longer. Most people know them as ‘smart drugs’, and they have been gathering a serious following in recent years. But, do they actually work and, more specifically, what are my experiences with Alpha Brain Nootropics?

My Review Of Alpha Brain

So what differentiates your mind from someone else? Having pure, raw intelligence is one thing – and it certainly helps, but this is just one building block of many. How many people do you know that are ‘intelligent’ but fail to do anything useful with it because they lack the concentration and focus? What about remaining calm in pressurized situations such as work meetings, or unexpected incidents? Your IQ alone won’t get you very far.

So basically brain nootropics aim is to trigger certain parts of the brain that deal with concentration and focus and allow them to stay active for a longer period of time.

With this in mind, I got a hold of some Alpha Brain from Onnit and took them regularly to see if I would get some ‘Limitless’ type super mental and brain capacity.

It Was Never Going To Be Instant

Obviously these do not work by just taking two and then you suddenly get a long streak of lucidity where you will realize what you are doing with your life and sort out all the world’s problems…

That being said, I noticed a major difference in how I am in the morning. Generally I am not much of a morning person –  and even after a good night’s sleep I never feel the urge to ‘get up and go’ the next day. However the day after taking my first batch of pills I actually felt noticeably more refreshed the next day. I didn’t suddenly jump out of bed and get 100 tasks done before lunch but I was certainly more active and more focused in what I was doing. This came as a surprise. But so far so good.

Throughout the following days and weeks I definitely got something from Alpha Brain. I was feeling more focused and aware at work and undoubtedly my productivity rose quite considerably. Again, probably not enough to fast track me all the way to CEO with a huge pay packet and less working hours. But I felt that I was doing a lot more with a lot less energy and I didn’t feel as shattered as I normally do when I come home from work. Indeed, I found that my memory capacity was a little bit better too. I started to remember little things that I would normally forget like numbers, things I needed to buy, where I put something etc. And this surely had to be down to the supplement.

The Alpha Brain Ingredients

So, what is actually in Alpha Brain Nootropics? AC-11 is one of the main extracts in the supplement. It comes from the Amazon rainforest and has been clinically proven to improve mental capabilities. This is also combined with acetylcholine in a raw form called Alpha GPC which has been shown to increase the speed in which your brain processes information, and increase your ‘sharpness’ at a daily level.

L-Tyrosine is also present which, to anyone who has ever suffered depression or is prone to feeling a bit ‘down’ now and again’ will know it increases your dopamine level. Finally we have Oat Straw (20:1) which is a natural nutrient which calms your brain especially under what would be normally stressful situations. This all sounds great and from my experience it certainly gave me some sort of ‘lift’ and experience but is it safe to use regularly?

Any Side Effects?

The only real side effect, if you could even call it that, is ‘lucid dreaming’. I found that my dreams were really intense when I took this supplement and not altogether in a bad way. This is probably down to the acetylcholine that I mentioned above and I found that my two or three dreams a night were pretty full on but, like I said, it wasn’t a bad thing just a bit strange at the beginning if you’re not expecting it. I never woke up feeling tired because of my dreams and it was a more of an interesting experience than anything else.


So, what is my verdict on Alpha Brain? Essentially it is very good. I had been suffering from fatigue and tiredness for a while due to a variety of factors both in my professional life and my personal life and this certainly helped me regain some sort of focus and concentration.

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OK, I didn’t solve the world’s problems or even many of my own directly yet due to this supplement, but I certainly felt that it helped me along in my daily life and allowed me to do a lot more than I normally would, but also do it efficiently as well. The only weird side effect I got was my intense dreams but, as I said, this is subjective as to whether it is a bad thing or not.

Certainly to improve mental focus and concentration then Alpha Brain Nootropics certainly does the job, but it only lays the foundations for your own ability to flourish. At least worth trying out I would say.

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