Anavite Reviews (Gaspari Nutrition)


Anavite is a sport multi-vitamin and amino acid complex. The main purposes of this supplement are to aid in recovery, support bone and cardiovascular health, and promote endurance. All while helping one to meet their micro nutrient needs with vitamins and minerals.

So What’s In It?

Anavite contains an optimal amount of vitamins and minerals. It features your A, B complex, C, D, and E vitamins, along with chelated minerals. They actually have improved on their old formula. These improvements include increasing the amounts of magnesium and vitamin D3 to meet RDA per daily servings.

As well, they have gotten rid of the artificial coloring, and have partnered with Albion to use their form of chelated minerals as opposed to the generic kind they used before. Anavite is also one of the few multi-vitamins that uses Methylcobalamin as its form of b12. Others use Cyanocobalamin b12 which not only has a poor absorption rate, but is hard on the liver, and contains a molecule of Cyanide.It should be understood that just because you take a multi-vitamin, does not mean that you should exclude fruits and vegetables from your diet. Anavite is great insurance though, as it covers a vast range of vitamins and minerals to make sure that your body gets what it needs.

Anavite does not just stop at vitamins and minerals. This supplement also contains an effective dose of beta-alanine, which has been shown to increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Anavite also features L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, known for increasing nitric oxide levels along with vasodilation, and also aiding in recovery. This is why Gaspari Nutrition claims that Anavite is more than just a multi-vitamin, but it is also a performance enhancer.

How Much To Take

The dosing for Anavite is a lot less than some other multi-vitamins that I have tried. It is recommended to take 3 pills a day that can be taken whenever you prefer. Although I have no problem swallowing pills, I realize that some people would rather not be taking the large amounts that some multi’s require. 3 is a low number of pills compared to others that I have tried.

Also the smell is not too harsh in my opinion either. It has a bit of a scent, but nothing that is overpowering or bothersome. Although I have not tried it, Anavite does now come in a powder version for those who really have trouble with pills.

How Much Is It?

Commonly you can buy 60 servings of Anavite for around $25-$30, which I would definitely consider a fair price. This is actually one of the more cost-effective multi-vitamins that I have found. Anavite is among the most recommended multi-vitamins on the market today, so I reckon your money would be well spent in this case.

Any Problems?

One complaint that a person may have is that they get a tingling sensation from the added beta-alanine. This happens with all beta-alanine, and goes away pretty quickly. Most people actually do not experience this though, and they say that splitting up the doses can help. Personally, I like the feeling for pre-workout purposes.

The pill size is on the larger side (see photos), but is no bigger than other multi-vitamins that I have used. Other than that, I don’t see any real problems with the supplement. The price is very fair, and it is available all over.

If one was searching for an effective multi-vitamin, I would highly recommend Anavite. I definitely notice that I have more energy throughout the day, and also think it meets its claims for recovery purposes. For me, getting all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs through diet is not easy considering I am already concerned with meeting my daily protein, carbohydrate, and fat needs.

Overall, I would consider Anavite to be a very cost-effective supplement. Although a multi-vitamin is not a necessity or a miracle supplement, it definitely has its benefits. Anavite is great for supporting those with an active lifestyle and for general health. Gaspari Nutrition is a growing and reputable company, and I really think that they have produced a satisfying product.

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