Kre Alkalyn (All American EFX)


So today I am going to review Kre-Alkalyn creatine from the house of All American EFX. There are so many different creatine supplements on the market, but they say¬†Kre-Alkalyn is the ‘God Of All Creatine’.

The reason this is supposed to be better than plain mono because it is PH buffered, meaning that it doesn’t break down in the same way other creatine does and because of that it absorbs better into the muscles. Other benefits of this kind of creatine is that there is no loading phase like creatine monohydrate, and less water retention.


There is no taste or smell to this product as it comes in capsule form, which are very easy to swallow.

I did open 2 capsules and poured the powder into cold water to see if it would have a better effect, and it tasted just like monohydrate. The mixability of the powder itself out of the capsules was poor (2 out of 10). It did not mix well at all – 80% off the powder was floating on top of my glass. I am sure it would mix better if I mixed it in my cup of coffee but I didn’t do that, just used cold water. So stick with swallowing the capsules if you try this product.


I really had high hopes for this product but with Kre-Alkalyn EFX let me down big time, my regular creatine monohydrate was better than this fancy named creatine.

2 pills pre-workout, and 2 pills post workout is what was recommended.

My water levels are always optimal and still have to say that Kre-Alkalyn creatine did nothing for me, no strength, no endurance, no nothing.

I know what creatine is supposed to do, and how it works, but this product did not produce any significant or desired effect. To me they were just fancy purple capsules filled with powder.


Kre-Alkalyn is an over-hyped product and did not give me the experience that I expected. I am not saying that it will not work for you, I guess you will just have to try it and see for yourself. But for me personally I will never buy this kind of creatine again. Plain mono creapure works and that is what I will keep on using.

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