M5 Extreme Reviews (Cellucor)


These guys are a brilliant sports nutrition company – you can always expect great quality products when it comes to Cellucor. I came across their pre-workout supplement M5 Extreme in a supplement store so here’s my experience and review of it.

Before buying, I had checked the reviews anyway, and had also heard about it from my Brothers of Iron in the gym. I was looking for a new pwo so I bought this one in fruit punch flavor.

Comes In Two Parts

There are two parts to M5 Extreme. Which is my favorite thing about it – you basically customize how you take it to suit your workout. The tub literally splits into two sections – as you can see from the photos below. The top section is “Ignite” (the stim section), and the bottom part is “Build”. I never liked the small packs of pre-workout supplements that bring a state of hyperactivity. In short, they do not suit me and I cannot sleep well after too much of stims. So being able to customize is great for me.


So you can take more (or less) stims depending on your tolerance of caffeine. Every scoop of “Ignite” has 150 mg of caffeine anhydrous and 500 mg beta alanine – and there are 60 servings of about one gram each in this part. If you are working out in the evening or at night you can skip the stims completely, which is useful. I found another advantage of giving 60 servings in the can is that you could also use a scoop in the morning if you are cutting your fat down so it will help you to stay motivated throughout the day.

The “Build” section contains 30 servings. Every serving provides 2 grams of creatine nitrate, 3 grams of magnesium creatine chelate, 2 grams of arginine alpha ketoglutarate, 2 grams of beta alanine, 3 grams of L-leucine (the most important BCAA), also 1 gram of citrulline malate and 1 gram of betaine anhydrous. This is a very good ingredient profile.


Oh yes, you have the right idea if you’re already checking prices on this one :-). M5 Extreme 2-in-1 is one of the most expensive pre-workout supplements on the market. But if you are looking for premium products and premium results then this is probably for you. I bought a can for $60 making it around $2 for a serving of Build plus 1-2 servings of Ignite.

My Experience

OK, so here are my experiences with the supplement, and what happened to my workouts by the time I almost finished the can.

Let us start with taste – it’s not a great tasting supplement. It tastes fine. Muscle Pharm Assault tastes better than this one and there are others that taste better too. However, it is palatable and I am more concerned with how it performs than how it tastes as I’m guessing you probably are too.

Mixability – M5 contains no protein and the ingredients it has are highly soluble in water. Therefore, it mixes well to form a fruit punch drink even with just a few whirls of a spoon.

Digestibility – it is completely digestible. There is no problem at all after workout and after its consumption. There is not too much sweetener in this product which works very well for me.

Does It Work?

This product gives me awesome pumps, the exact amount of focus that I need, and no jitters at all. There is also no sudden crash of energy unlike NO-Xplode etc.

Clean energy, great pumps and improved strength. That is all you can ask from any pre-workout supplement and M5 Extreme does the job pretty darn well. I gained around half an inch on my arms, and my bench press crossed 200 lbs for the first time. So I am quite happy that I did not waste my money with Cellucor 🙂

It is not cheap, perhaps even expensive, but the effectiveness and quality compensates for the high price.