N.O. Xplode Reviews (BSN)


I have been using N.O. Xplode, created by BSN, on and off for roughly six years and have found that it works best as a component of a regular exercise regimen. Even if I’m in a bad mood or feeling unmotivated, once I use the product I become “locked in” to my routine, in the best of ways.

Generally, I will STIR in one or two scoops of water about thirty minutes before I plan to work out. I do NOT use this product on off days, or when I think there is a chance I’ll have to reschedule or cut my workout short. I once took a full serving of this right before I learned about a meeting that required my presence. I felt trapped in an office chair for an hour and was literally visibly shaking almost the entire time! Great for the gym – not for work meetings 🙂

Important Note: DO NOT SHAKE! As indicated by the picture, just the act of pouring water causing a huge amount of bubbles to form. If you attempt to mix the powder by shaking, you’re going to end up with a sticky, colorful, insect-attracting kitchen. Additional side note: This product is incredibly sweet; it’s very similar in flavor to ground-up candy. Many individuals I know who also use this product love the way it works, but can’t stand the sweetness. If this is the case for you, use more water – the product will have the exact same effect regardless of how much water you dilute it with. Besides, more hydration is almost always better anyway.

Like other nitric oxide supplements, NO-Xplode works primarily as a vasodilating agent – so it increases blood flow throughout your body. As blood flow increases, users like myself will usually notice a slight to mild tingling in the face and extremities – this is generally NOT cause for concern about neurological functioning. This tingling effect is simply the result of boosted up veins pressing against the thinner areas of the body. Depending on how much I have eaten and slept, it takes between 15 and 30 minutes for me to feel the product “activate.”

While NO Xplode does not necessarily give me the most energy, or pre-workout “kick,” it is far and away the most consistent and reliable pre-workout supplement I have ever used. In my experience, when I try similar nitric oxide products, I very quickly develop a tolerance and have to grossly increase the serving size in order to feel an effect – this is both annoying and expensive. For whatever reason, while I do notice a gradual increase in the serving size required while using N.O. Xplode, it substantially more gradual and normalized.


I highly recommend this product. If you are new to pre-workout supplements, or are having trouble choosing, NO Xplode provides the best hybrid of efficiency, energy and consistency.

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CAUTION: The standard N.O. Xplode product (Pre-Workout Igniter) does contain caffeine in addition to its other ingredients. If you attempt to take even a small amount of this product, you will have trouble sleeping and your appetite may be affected. Additionally, be cautious when trying out this supplement – or any other nitric oxide supplement – for the first time, particularly if you are starting a new exercise program. It is far safer and more efficient to gradually increase the serving size than to take a whole bunch at once “just to test.”

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