Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrated Reviews (Nutrex)


This is not the first time I have used the Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate from Nutrex. The difference between this one and the old one is that it no longer has 1,3 dimethylamylamine in it, but I wanted to try it out anyway so went ahead and bought a full tub of ‘sucker punch’ flavor that contains 30 servings.

The Hemo Rage with the 1,3 dimethylamylamine was very good and really liked that product, so let’s see what I thought of this updated Black version.

The Profile

So the ingredients list looks like this:- Creapure, taurine, L-arginine alpha ketoglurate, acetyl-L-Tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, Mucana Pruriens, Paullinia cupana. This is a blend called ‘Beyond Extreme Underground Pre-workout Detonator’ so we can’t know the exact amount of each ingredient in this product.

But from using it I’d say it does not look like it is a highly stimulated pre-workout supplement like Muscle Marinade for example.


The flavor I got was sucker punch – this was the only flavor there was in the store so I had no other options. I have to say that upon opening this tub the whole room smelled like cotton candy, but it did not taste that great. It has a bitter aftertaste like when having a cough syrup, so if you are someone that goes after taste in a pre-workout then you will not like this much. But it isn’t that bad so what can I say. I am rating the taste 6/10


This product mixes very easy in water with no residue left on the bottom of your glass. I do recommend to just stir it with a fork and not shake it because it becomes foamy when you shake and the foam thing is really bitter.


Hemo Rage Black is not the very best pre-workout that I have tried out, but it does it’s job. (Muscle Marinade is still my favorite of all the pre-workout supps I have used so far).

I had a time where I had feeling that I wanted to puke pretty bad, but this was only like 2 times. And right after I had a big meal before I took it so I had that full feeling – and most pre-workout supplements (if not all) don’t work if you are full. Try to take it 2 hours after your meal and you will be ok.

This product does give you that clean energy you look for and the motivation to get in the gym and go HAM. I did not experience a pump that great that I would say, wow, this is the pre workout that gives you incredible pump. But I must say though that my focus was top and razor sharp mental clarity. I really had that tunnel vision in the gym while working out.

I still have like 5 servings left of Hemo Rage Black and I never had to use more than one scoop to get the same effect, so it does not wear off after use as some pre-workouts do. I guess Nutrex wasn’t playing when they mentioned to only use one (serving) scoop on the label.

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