Muscle Marinade Reviews (Purus Labs)


I wanted to try out muscle marinade for a long time because of all the good reviews I had seen online. So now I would like to share my own experience with this pre-workout supplement from Purus Labs. So let’s get started.

Taste 7/10

The flavor I got was cherry limeade. So I opened up the tub and it smelled like some kind of medicine that is out of date or something, really this stuff stinks. Anyway, I mixed this with 12oz water and it did not mix easy. There were some white foamy things floating on top and not really sure what it was, but I drank it all up anyway. I really do not care about the taste as long as it is works. But if you like to know, it doesn’t taste like Kool Aid but it’s not too bad either, it’s an alright taste.

Effectiveness 9/10

I used Muscle Marinade on leg day and it gave me a ridiculous amount of energy! This energy lasted for hours – I could even feel it hours after the gym. This pre-workout gave me so much energy that I had trouble sleeping, which is probably a result of the heavy dose of caffeine in this product. I used this at 3pm and still could not sleep at 1am. Now I I take this in the morning and not afternoon, or just take a half serving.

Muscle Marinade did also give me a good amount of focus, however I was sweating heavier then normal. Also I wasn’t feeling the beta alanine tingling feeling that much, not like I felt when I was on Jacked – which is good for me because I personally do not like the itchy feeling.

Pump 5/10

The pump I got from this product was decent. Nothing out of the ordinary, or maybe I didn’t notice too much because I just don’t care about getting a pump. I tried Hemo Rage a while ago and that did give me an awesome pump; so I am rating this 5/10 for pump.

Overall 8/10

The energy this product provides is intense and very long lasting without feeling jittery. This is now one of my favorite pre-workout supplements, and I will invest in another tub. You can find Muscle Marinade online at a price range of around $25 to $30, each tub provides 27 servings. However I feel like a half scoop will do it’s job because it’s very stim heavy.

I do not care that much about pump in a pre-workout but MM has exactly what I am looking for in a PWO, that is energy, focus and endurance.

The only problem I had with MM is the heavy sweating. I had to drink 3 liters of water while working out to keep myself hydrated, normally I have a 1500ml bottle of water with me during training. Otherwise great product.

Drinking-Muscle-Marinade Muscle-Marinade-White-Foamy-Things-Floating-On-Top