N-large 2 Weight Gainer Review (Prolab)


Prolab is a 20 years old sports supplementation company and a really reliable brand. I’ve used plenty of their products before – including their whey protein concentrate, creatine and caffeine tabs. I’ve liked all of the products I’ve used and I would recommend Prolab products to my friends as well. And now I’ve also had a chance to try the N-large 2 Weight Gainer product so am writing this review to share my opinion.


N-Large is a mass gainer which consists of 52 grams of protein in each 152 grams serving. So you should expect good gains from this product as it has 3 times as much carbs as protein. So, it’s 1:3 mass gainer ideal for mesomorphs and ectomorphs as well.

I bought this for only $45 and got a 30 serving 10 lbs tub for this great price. I have used this consistently during my gaining period to speed up recovery, and complete the necessary proteins and complex carbs requirement.


I can start the review with the taste, powder consistency and aroma. I used the milk chocolate flavor – in milk and in water as well. It tastes good after mixing and makes a thick protein rich mass gaining drink. I found it a little sweet and taste could have been better if it was less sweet. It smells like chocolate and I will rate it 8 out of 10 in terms of taste.


There is average mixability and there are clumps left over in water and milk as well. You can’t expect to get a really smooth protein shake with N-large 2 unless you mix it in a blender — and add some water to the milk to thin it out a bit. This is the only con I came across. So I will score it 7/10 for mixability.


Next important thing is digestibility. There was some bloating but not much, and I didn’t use any enzymes along with the product to aid my digestion. I took around 225 grams of mass gainer each day or one and a half servings, split into three parts with milk and this never gave me a bad flatulence or gas. I can rate it 8/10 for the digestibility.

Value For Money

You can find lots of weight gain products on the market, and they typically cost $30 to $50 for a 5 lbs tub, but tend not to last for many days. So work out quite expensive if you calculate the per serving cost (the real price). For instance, you can find gainers with a serving size over 250 grams which contain less than 40 grams of protein which makes no sense to me. Always look for the total amount of protein you will get per serving and the amount you are going to pay for each serving. Prolab N-large 2 contains over 1500 grams of protein per 10 lbs tub. So it is quite economic and I would put a score of 10/10 for the price/serving and affordability. It costs $1.50 roughly for a serving and for 52 grams of first class protein.

Does It Work?

Last but not least a word on how effective this product is. I am not just guessing as I monitored my own results while using it. I gained around 8 kilograms of weight while using this for 60 days. Meaning I can score it 9/10 for the effectiveness. I have used three 10 lbs tubs now specifically of Prolab N-large 2 and I am really happy with my gains.