Uncut Reviews (Applied Nutriceuticals)


I decided to give ‘Uncut’ a try after reading some awesome reviews on anabolic minds but was very disappointed (at first – read what happened next though!) upon using it for the first 3 times. I am a huge stim junkie which makes me very tolerant though.

The label says not to use more than 3 pills, but I did anyway because 3 pills did nothing… 4 pills nothing… heck I even tried 5 pills and then felt something but not what I expected.

So one day I had no time to eat before going to the gym. I usually eat at noon and hit the gym at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. So I took 4 pills, thinking in the back of my mind that this is going to be a crappy workout because of no proper nutrition before the workout.

At the time I was parking my car I could feel that I was on something serious, starting to feel very warm inside and a bit irritated. Now 15 minutes into my workout I knew that it was working and was working damned good. I did not have a problem being hungry during my workout either.


Uncut is a pill form pre-workout supplement but I did open the cap one time to see if it was going to work better that way (that was before the day I went to the gym on empty stomach!). Poured it into my tongue and the taste was very, very bitter – really not something I want to taste again. Which is why I guess they put it in a capsule 🙂


Pump was definitely present and noticeable, but not that insane by any means as some reviews state online. Personally I don’t care if a pre gives a pump are not. All I want is energy, strength and focus, but that’s just me.


This stuff is some potent stuff, focus was top. As a matter a fact this pre is to date the only pre that gave me this intense laser targeted focus. Really! For focus this is definitely comparable to the infamous original Jack3d.

You know when something explodes and you hear this peep sound in your ears? That’s how I felt, like nothing gets in your way, the only thing that interests you is to finish your sets with as many reps as possible.

Energy with 4 pills was spot on, could still feel the effect at 3 ‘o clock in the morning :-).

I have tried to take 3 pills but not feeling it like when I take 4 pills, 4 is my sweet spot. The only problem I have is that I cannot freaking sleep early that night, at 3 o’clock in the morning I find my self still wide awake and warm inside and wanting to do some crunches! So I decided to take Uncut only when I do workouts in the morning. For my afternoon workouts I take Stimul8 which is a very good pre also.


For me Uncut is without doubt on top of pre-workout supplements. TIP: this only works perfect on me when taken when my stomach is empty. I know most pre-workout supps state on their label to take on empty stomach because absorption is lost while food is digesting. But I never had this problem before with other pre-workouts, so never bothered. For Uncut I take this advice!

I never go to the gym with a full stomach, but with Uncut I have to eat at least 3 hours before hitting the gym for this to work the way it is supposed to work.

Uncut has now joined my rotation as a staple and I can’t say enough good things about it.

One other thing that I love about the product is that I do not feel hungry during my workout. And I literally take it on a empty stomach so this really is a plus point.

LATEST: Sadly this product has been discontinued. I’d suggest you give Finaflex Stimul8 a try instead.

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