Jacked Advanced Formula Reviews (USPlabs)


Jack3d Original was one of the most popular supplements ever made for the micro concentrated line of pre-workouts. The product was so popular that it received quite a following especially in the United States. So here’s my detailed review of the revised Advanced Formula version.

A Little History

The original Jack3d was one of the first products to contain DMAA (see what is 1,3 Dimethylamylamine) which is a stimulant. The adverse effects of DMAA began to show eventually and it’s misuse was linked to a few deaths, which in turn led the FDA to question USP Labs about the origins of DMAA, and if it really came from the geranium plant as claimed. The whole saga of USP Labs vs the FDA eventually led to the discontinuation of the product and USP were ordered to destroy all unshipped inventory.

The New Version

So this Summer, a new version of Jack3d was released, aptly named Jack3d Advanced.

I have never taken original product before, but the ingredient profile looked interesting to me so I picked up a tub of Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry.

Here’s a quick overview of the Original products profile:

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine (CarnoSyn™), Caffeine, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCL, Schisandra Chinensis (Berry) Extract

And Jacked Advanced:-

Advanced Creatine Ratio (Creatine [as Monohydrate, Anhydrous]), Nitrate Blast (Arginine [as Arginine Nitrate], Pinus Pinaster (Bark) Extract), Beta Alanine (Carnosyn™), Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Johimbe) (Bark) Extract (Standardized for Full Spectrum Alkaloids), Norcoclaurine Hcl, Swertia Chirayita (Whole Plant) Extract
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)50mg

The Difference

So apart from the Creatine, Beta Alanine and Arginine (now in Nitrate) the ingredients have been revamped to offset the loss of DMAA.

From my research, Norcoclaurine is a beta 2 antagonist, Pinus Pinaster bark has many antioxidant properties and Yohimbe is a love it or hate it ingredient with uses for testosterone, fat loss, libido and in this case provides energy. I’m not entirely sure what the purspose of Swertia Chirayita is but have seen studies linking its use as a anti diabetic agent perhaps influencing the body’s production of insulin. Jack3d Advanced has a very similar profile to that of PES Enhanced.

One of the biggest reasons I chose this product is the 100mg of caffeine per scoop which is much less than a lot of other products. Many have up to 300mg of caffeine per scoop, which means if you happen to use more than one scoop basically you will be stimmed into tomorrow! I train often at night so was looking for something I could take and still be able to sleep. One of the reasons I suppose Jack3d Advanced has so little caffeine is the stimulating properties of Norroclaurine and Yohimbe.


Jack3d Advanced mixed very easily. It tends to foam up a little in shaker but overall mixing was very easy. The Pinus Pinaster bark tended to settle at the bottom however and was quite visible. 9.5/10


I had this in two flavors and I can say that both are very sweet to taste, mixing at around 300ml per scoop.

Fruit Punch: Tasted kind of like powdered candy, I didn’t enjoy the taste but it was very drinkable and didn’t taste terrible. Eventually I got used to it. Most people have said it tastes like fruity pebbles and I would have to agree. 7/10

Blue Raspberry: Enjoyable, I preferred this over the fruit punch by quite some bit. It tastes a little bit too chemically though but certainly one of more decent tasting that I’ve had. 8.5/10

The Important Bit – Did It Work?

Energy: I’m guessing Advanced contains around 2g of creatine, so I would be supplementing with an additional 2-3g of creatine mono per day when taking this. The energy was good, at times the product was very strong and made me slightly lightheaded and sweaty. I have read though that this could be the yohimbe. 1 scoop usually does the trick for me, though I have used up to 2 – so 1.5 scoop might be a sweet spot for a lot of people. I did not experience any crash with this product and it generally provided me with good energy. I have felt a bit off sometimes like cold sweaty and just a little off. I guess this is the cost/benefit of craving that energy. 8/10 Energy + Side Effects.

Focus: I really didn’t see any improvement in focus with this and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t marketed with that intention. If anything when I took too much Jack3d I felt like I lost focus. NR

Pump: The only pump ingredient was Arginine Nitrate which didn’t do that much for me. So this is fairly poor as a pump product. 4/10

We can see that this is clearly an energy centered pre-workout. I like the inclusion of beta alanine though I didn’t feel the tingles so not sure how much of it was in there. The pump and focus was negligible for the most part.


At about $30/45 scoops the value really isn’t too bad compared to other products in the category. At 1 scoop per use (which was fine for me) you get pretty good value in my opinion. 9/10

You Can Buy Jack3d Advanced From Amazon Here

I’m not entirely sure this is the best product for me with my reaction to the yohimbe. But it does give me good energy (no crash). If you are sensitive to yohimbe and know that you don’t work well with it, I would avoid. But for all other people Jack3d Advanced provides ample energy for your workout. I would still supplement additional creatine mono with my scoop so you get your 5g/day.

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