White Flood Reviews (Controlled Labs)


White Flood, a nitric oxide (or N.O.) pre-workout supplement created by Controlled Labs, is my go-to alternative to my standard pre-workout (NO Xplode). I have had some sized container of it for many years, and will definitely purchase more in the future.

White Flood has several interesting qualities that set it apart from other pre-workout supplements. My favorite quality of White Flood, unlike its industry peers, is that the product can be mixed by shaking. I can mix it on the way to the gym, or I can just add a serving directly into the water bottle that I normally carry with me.

This leads to the second notable quality – it’s excellent for first-time users of a pre-workout. I like to keep a sample size jar in my gym locker, and use it if one of my exercise buddies wants to try a sample. As previously mentioned, they can just shake it into whatever container they normally use for water and try it immediately. Additionally, since the “kick” provided by White Flood is significantly more mild – yet still noticeable – I have found it’s a good product for not scaring people off in terms of their experience.

As the name implies, White Flood is a vasodilating agent – so it works partly by dilating (enlarging) blood vessels and therefore increasing blood flow throughout the body. Unlike other products that I have tried, White Flood does not normally make me feel “tingly” or agitated – I simply feel perceivably more motivated.

While it’s not annoyingly sweet, it does consistently seem to have a weirdly bitter and (long lasting) aftertaste. Whenever I consume it, I find myself following it up with another glass of water shortly after. While this aftertaste is not terrible, it does have the effect of making me NOT look forward to drinking it. I do believe that almost everything related to working out should be enjoyable, and that if you start to dislike a part of your exercise routine – even if it’s a small part – this could have a negative effect on your overall training goals.

As is normal for products in this class, White Flood does contain caffeine – though at a smaller ratio than normal – and those who are sensitive or looking for a caffeine alternative should avoid this product.

White Flood is an excellent product to purchase to keep in your car or gym locker as a convenient back-up to your normal pre-workout. Or if you have friends who are new to lifting and want to try a supplement that can give them a “just noticeable” push in their workouts.