L-Glutamine Peptide Powder Reviews (GAT)


I have not been a fan of supplementing glutamine in my diet. I thought it was just hype as we can get most of the glutamine from the meat and dairy we eat. So what’s the use of this supplement?

It took this product and a little research to overcome these thoughts and my biased opinion! Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that can work wonders to improve the rate of recovery while also boosting immunity.

GAT’s L-glutamine product has peptides that work to improve the functionality and effectiveness of the L-glutamine. So I bought their 2.2 lbs pack of L-glutamine Peptide Powder because I wished to improve my recovery by taking large doses of L-glutamine every day.

I took 2 servings of 15 grams each every day for about a month. Preferably one serving at bedtime and one before workout along with a BCAA supplement. You will not feel the supplements action immediately after taking it – this is not a pre-workout. It takes time and you will probably notice the effects in the time taken for muscle recovery after a workout. The cramps decrease and you start feeling more energetic. I must say that the product has helped me a lot to recover fast and get ready for the next workout. My lifts have improved and I felt less stress during the period of heavy workouts.

Effectiveness & Recovery

Some websites and studies will tell you that you don’t need glutamine at all as a supplement. But as I said before, it is a conditionally essential amino acid and the most abundant amino acid in the blood stream. It becomes essential for the lifters who train heavy.

Therefore, if your budget allows go for glutamine and you will notice improvements in recovery time, and its ability to create a stress free and anabolic environment for muscle growth in the body. GAT L-glutamine helps to combat the stress upon the muscles during workout and after heavy strength training sessions. It has helped me improve my lifts and I was able to do progressions in a shorter time period than before. For effectiveness, I will rate GAT L-glutamine, 8/10 as I found it pretty good.

Taste & Mixability

It smells great and gives you a mild vanilla essence when it comes to taste and smell. I had no problems while taking it and it certainly doesn’t taste like a chemical. There are no after tastes and thus, I liked it. I take L-glutamine in water and it mixed instantly. There are no clumps and it is well instantized. I will rate it 9/10 for mixability and taste.

Cost Effectiveness

You get 200 servings when you purchase GAT L-glutamine powder in the larger pack. This is cheap and highly cost effective – buying in bulk is a much better option than going for smaller cans that won’t even last 2 weeks during training.


There’s no question of bloating, stomach upset and any other changes in digestion because it is a pure form of amino acid and it gets readily absorbed by the gut wall. Glutamine actually helped me improve my digestion, I don’t know how, but my digestion was better overall during the time I took this.

In Conclusion

Overall, the glutamine powder from GAT deserves 9/10 in my opinion as it boosted my workout sessions and fueled my muscles for better performance.