Monster Amino Reviews (Cytosport)


Cytosport has done their homework well and that’s the reason why this BCAA (branch-chained amino acid) supplement is so popular. Monster Amino comes in two variants – 125 grams and 375 grams. I bought the 375 grams pack in Sour Apple flavor for around $30. That’s around 30 servings. It comes from the same guys who make the equally popular Monster Milk.

My Review

BCAA supplements do take time to prove their benefits. So for this review I took the 30 serving can after my workouts along with dextrose for one month. Each serving gives you 9 grams of amino acids in a ratio of 8:1:1. There is 8 times leucine than the isoleucine and valine. There are also an additional 3.5 grams of leucine in the pepform or bonded form.

The label shows 3 grams of protein. Which means the formulation is quite good and proficient to boost your amino acid pool with leucine after and during workouts. Which ultimately results in an anabolic environment in your body. So you can expect great recovery from exhausting workouts with these amino acids.

It has no added sugars. So you can use it during gaining as well as losing phases. BCAA’s are essential for every bodybuilder, but especially for those who are training seriously. Monster Amino also has citrulline malate which gives out a pumping effect to the muscles. It is precursor of major metabolic reactions in the body and citrulline malate improves the development of muscles by aiding a positive anabolic environment.

The Monster Amino powder has a mild fruity aroma. You can mix it in water easily and there are not too many lumps as normally happens with most of the BCAA supplements. I won’t say it mixes great but I won’t rate it bad either.

There are no issues with digestibility. It perfectly assimilates with my diet routine as well. You can carry it in a shaker along with 40 to 50 grams of glucose for an insulin spike after workouts. It will help in muscle growth by avoiding wasting of muscle after hard core workouts.

I haven’t used many amino supplements before. But I can compare it to Scivation Xtend which is another very popular BCAA supplement. And I have found it really effective and more than enough to meet my requirements. I rate it well because it’s quite economic and doesn’t taste like chemicals.

In Conclusion

I like this product from Cytosport. Monster Amino helped me gain muscle mass without any fat gain – it helps boost the basic metabolic rate. It was shown in a study that BCAAs when taken before, during and after workout proved to be as efficient as consuming twice the amount of protein.

I used this with creatine (post workout) and beta alanine (taken pre workout) and increased my complex carb intake for a significant overall gain. Overall, Monster Amino is effective in my opinion so I recommend you give this a try if you are looking for amino acid or BCAA supplementation.