Myo Juiced Review (SAN)


I decided to use SAN Myo Juiced three weeks back because I didn’t have enough money to purchase the costlier weight gainers like ON Pro Complex Gainer or BSN True Mass which I have been using for a long time.

So, I picked up a 10 lbs bag from the supplement store. I wasn’t expecting much out of it for this review but the supplement has shown really decent results and has changed my belief about SAN workout supplements. I am going to use this gainer again as it is a decent gainer available at a low cost.

Digestibility Good – Better Than Most Gainers

The first thing I liked about Myo Juiced is the digestibility. Most of the gainers on the market including BSN True Mass have given me bloating and indigestion when I start consuming up to 4 scoops a day, whereas this was completely absent with SAN’s Myo Juiced.

So I took 2 servings of 3 scoops each (116 grams) and still had no digestibility issues, which means the product has low simple sugars. Many of the weight gainers I have tried in the past had insane amounts of sugars which drive my stomach crazy, and I got bad flatulence just due to the high sugar contents. I realized this lately when I switched over to the 1:3 gainers against the 1:5 gainers I was using on the bulking phase.

I would rate it 10/10 when it comes to digestibility and zero bloating. The product lives up to the label claims of low simple sugar content.

Does It Work?

Moving on to the next best thing about SAN Myo Juiced weight gainer – the product has produced great results for me, and it is ideal for ecto-mesomorphs like me. If like me you find it’s a little hard to gain weight then this product can meet your calorie requirements well when taken twice a day. It is full of complex carbs and this makes the product ideal for gaining and keeps your glycogen reserves full in the bulking phase.

I liked the protein to carbohydrate ratio that is 1:3 approximately and you can even taste the rice bran particles settled at the bottom of the shaker. It helped me gain around 4 pounds of weight in 2 weeks time period and now I’m almost done with a bag and looking forward to buying another one. So, if am to rate it in terms of effectiveness, I will give it 8.5/10.

Taste / Mixability

I used Rich Chocolate Delight flavor and the taste is just fine. It’s not very strong smelling unlike many weight gainers that will smell sugary or like chemicals. It doesn’t make a really thick shake like other proteins but it’s decent and palatable. There’s no chemical after-taste as you may experience in many protein supplements. It satisfies my taste buds anyway. I have been using this in milk because it tastes better and richer in milk than in water. For taste, Myo Juiced mass gainer gets 8 out of 10.

It has good mixability in water but doesn’t mix so well in milk. You need to gallop down some grains of gainer that weren’t able to mix and it may stick to your teeth. There are some crunchy rice bran particles at the bottom of the shaker that you will chew in the end. So, it gets 7/10 for mixability in my opinion.

In Conclusion

Overall, a decent price and good results. In my opinion, this is the best gainer in this price range and SAN has really worked hard on it. I gained 4 lbs in just 2 weeks so I’m more than happy with that result.

san myo juiced packet  another packet shot Myo Juiced Supersize