N.O. Shotgun Reviews (VPX)


N.O. Shotgun, created by VPX, is a nitric oxide pre-workout supplement that I recently used while trying to find an alternative to my default pre-workout (N.O. Xplode).

The first thing I noticed about this product is the rather large portion of powder required for a serving. While the container looks large, the amount contained goes pretty quickly. Between the increased serving amount, and the super-sweet flavor (this may be the most syrupy tasting pre-workout I have ever tried) – I actually had to switch to a different mixing cup to so that I would have enough water to both mix it well, and drink it without cringing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Like its industry cousin N.O. Xplode, the powder in N.O. Shotgun is highly reactive. i.e. DO NOT SHAKE, else you’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do in your kitchen.

Like other nitric oxide supplements, Shotgun works primarily as a vasodilating agent – so increasing blood flow through your body. As your veins dilate, you may experience a gentle “tingling” sensation. This tingling is simply the result of swollen veins pressing against thinner areas of the body. As expected, N.O. Shotgun produces the standard skin tingling effect – though unusually, this tingling persisted quite a while into my workout. The feeling was not distracting, but I could see it might become so with increased usage.

As is standard for products of this type, N.O. Shotgun does contain a large amount of caffeine. So if you are sensitive or trying to avoid caffeine then you need to look elsewhere.

When I first started cycling it into my training pattern, it gave me a huge kick within ten minutes of consuming a standard serving size. However, while the timing remained the same, the energy I felt prior to getting to the gym felt like it declined after only two weeks of regular use. Given that there is a lot of powder in each serving, I ended up having to drink a lot of water prior to my workouts in order to keep using the product – as a natural result, I would inevitably have to interrupt my workout for a bathroom break.

In summary, this product is worth a purchase if you want to try a new pre-workout for a while, or are looking for something with a temporary punch. I suggest starting out with a smaller package, and not trying any flavor that sounds ‘weird’. For me, this product worked – for a little while – and in retrospect I wish I had purchased a smaller amount. In terms of cost effectiveness, and long-term viability, I cannot really recommend N.O. Shotgun as a good long-term supplement.

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