Gameday Reviews (Man Sports)


Gameday is a mixture of high quality ingredients promoting clean energy throughout your workout. GameDay has a powerful blend that promotes pump – your muscles will feel like a CO2 tank, the pump will last for hours even if your workout is over. As if that were not enough, GameDay also has some pure PF3 (Protein Isolate whey) i.e. a concentrated and functional protein developed for super potency.

Mix-ability: 5/10 – it doesn’t matter how you mix this up it just doesn’t mix very well. There are some grainy bits floating on top which feel a bit like sand when you drink it.

Taste: 9/10 – the aroma that hits you when you open the tub is very pleasant,it smells like coconut mixed with something else.
I enjoyed the taste, it has a similar taste to coconut mixed with strawberry. It is very sweet and a little sour.

Effect: 9/10 – after 15 minutes of drinking Gameday I got super focused and could really feel the energy. It was back and shoulders day with a lot of drop sets and, my god, what a pump! If you’ve never had a pump in your lats, this product is definitely recommended.

Must say that I get a lot more focus than ridiculous amounts of energy. That for me is definitely a plus. Energy is otherwise very constant and even after training it’s still a nice energy.

My Overall Rating: 8/10

The supplement is good, promotes clean energy and yields good pumps in training, but it does not mix very well. It looks like it’s bcaa or the pf3 that makes it not dilute properly.

It tastes good and sweet, nothing you can’t handle.

I noticed an increase in vascularity during training, during the dead-lift it seemed that my veins were going to jump! It is a very good pre-workout.

Analysis of the formula:-

6g of calories, 1 carbo and 0.5 protein – no problem there, such low values that make not much difference.
Instant Nitric Oxide Stimulator 2635mg Blend
Glycerol Monostearate – increases lean mass, unlike creatine and glycogen, glycerol does not contribute to muscle but to a third lean body compartment of the blood vessels called plasma. Glycerol increases vascularization promoting very crazy veins. The supplementation of gliceral 90 minutes before a competition can increase vascular appearance.
Optimal dosage: 5g / kg (formula has far less).
GlycoCarn (Glycine propionyl-L-Carnitine HCL)
Optimal dosage 3g pre workout

L-norvaline – is an analogue of the amino acid L-valine. Studies have shown that norvaline is an inhibitor of arginase activity due to its structure is similar to ornithine, which causes a regulation of arginase in activity. When arginase is inhibited, and is produced in a higher frequency and suitably presents NOS L-arginine. Arginine is the limiting factor on nitric oxide production, thereby inhibiting the enzyme arginase is an effective way to increase nitric oxide production by 60%.

Dosage: 100 to 200 mg (probably should have it in the formula).

Rutacaerpine – has vasodilatory effect, seen in a study that caffeine reduces the levels of this compound. Promotes relaxation and the q read blocks NO production (which may be bad).

Dosage: 10 to 100mg with a compound that stimulates NO (arginine / citrulline)

Concentrated Growth Factors
Pure PF3 500mg – Isolated rapid absorption released by Man Sports Protein and from what I read the manufacturer’s website, is 25x stronger than conventional protein isolate

IR Energy Blend 252mg

Caffeine (anhydrous) – standard of training and pre term probably has much less than 200 mg, nothing heavy.

Dendrobium Alkaloids – antioxidant, promotes connection between the mind and the muscles, cool compound, did not know.

Optimal dosage: 600mg (low)

Rauwolscine – a type of yohimbine, doses vary mt, ideal for what I saw would be 30mg, should probably be in the compound.

Black tea (20% Theaflavins) – antioxidants, increased elasticity of the veins and reduces cholesterol.
I found information on dosage.

L-Tyrosine (The N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) – In strength athletes, 3g before and after training help stimulate the central nerovoso system improving the intensity and recovery training. Tyriosine can increase catecholamine synthesis (adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine) and caffeine and green tea can enhance the catecholamine release, these compounds are synergists to increase performance. The dose is 150mg Cellucor in the recommended dose would be 1.5 g, which evaluates the dose in the product as low. (Compound also exists in HD super Cellucor).

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