Pump Igniter (Top Secret Nutrition)


While many ‘pump’ supplements claim to also provide an energy boost – and some do – this is not the main purpose of the supplement.  ‘Pump’ simply refers to the swollen look of your muscles during and directly after your workout. And products do this by increasing blood flow to your muscles, dilating (widening) your veins with nitric oxide, and slowing the breakdown rate of muscle fibers. It is hard to achieve and sustain maximum pump, but looking like a beast is one of the benefits of working out right?

Top Secret Nutrition’s Pump Igniter does a great job of increasing your swoll, while also providing a mild energy boost. This product works best when stacked with a pre-workout and fast acting whey protein post workout. While many pre-workouts come with a pump blend, you may not be receiving the results you desire, and want to take it to the next level.

While I don’t hold that it is necessary to have a pump supplement, if you are looking for one at an affordable cost this will do the job! The taste is average, I have the fruit punch mix, but the mixability is top notch! Easily dissolving in a cup of water within a few twists of the spoon.

Overall, Top Secret Nutrition’s Pump Igniter does a good job of increasing your pump without the soreness of overloading your veins with No2 like so many other products do, and since it is affordable, is a nice option to add to your workout stack.

So short and sweet it’s a worthy buy, if your stack doesn’t already achieve a decent pump and that’s what you are looking for.