Beast Mode Reviews (Beast Sports Nutrition)


Beast Sports Nutrition (winner of breakout company of the year) are the makers of the Beast Mode pre-workout, so will this workout live up to its name and make you feel like a beast?

Well, it does not completely live up to the packet cover promise that one will build strength, maximize focus, and increase endurance. The energy rush is insane, but let’s dive in and look at this product in more detail.


Energy, and fierce energy at that, was exactly what I received from Beast Mode pre-workout. One short read of the ingredients list will teach you that energy is exactly what you are getting with this product. Boasting high levels of L-Arginine, Beta Alanine, caffeine (cleverly but not completely hidden by the name of coffee bean extract), and various B vitamins, this packet packs a punch.

Within minutes of taking Beast Mode I instantly received one of the best pre-workout highs of my life. I was so ready to get up and go, the gym was no match for me.

However, unfortunately this Beast blast does not last very long. About 30 minutes into my workout, halfway through a set of bicep curls, I crashed, and crashed hard. My focus was gone, my energy was depleted, and I found myself sitting down fighting nausea. Energy, yes, this product offers the fierce fighter mode so many seek, but it comes with a price.


Just like with the energy, I was immediately rewarded with an intense focus shortly after taking the pre-workout. In fact, the tunnel vision was so intense that I had to make multiple trips back to my locker before I remembered all of the workout equipment I needed for that days sets. If you are looking for a fired up focused experience Beast is perfect. Beast Mode is quite the perfect name for this pre-workout: it puts you in a feral state where for about a half an hour absolutely nothing can stand in your way.

Unfortunately just as the intense energy rush wore off, so did the focus. This is one hell of a rush, but it takes a toll on your body and runs out before a proper work out can be completed.


The label does not brag about an increase in pump and I did not notice one. Arms day (biceps, triceps) usually shows an instant pump, and while I may attribute some of my loss in mass to cutting season and the heavy cardio I have been experiencing lately, my pump was not as existent as usual. This product would definitely need to be supplemented with a pump igniter if that’s a concern.

Cosmetic Attributes

Taste and Mixability: taste is great, one of the best tasting pre-workouts I have had in a while, especially for a fruit punch flavored drink. “Beast Punch” which accurately describes how you feel after you have ingested the pre-workout, is a fruit punch flavor that does a surprisingly great job of masking the acidic taste of the powder.

However, this powder does not mix well at all. Whether in a shaker or spoon stirred, noticeable white clumps will float to the top of your beverage. Drinkable just not ideal (see photos). In a way, the appearance reminded me of Muscle Pharm’s Assault, who Beast Mode has recently won a law suit against for the rights of the phrase “Beast” in reference to training.


Overall Beast Mode delivers an insane amount of instant energy and incredible focus; however, the high intensity of the pre-workout drains your bodies battery at a rapid pace leaving one with a very uncomfortable ‘energy hangover’ mid workout.

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If you need something to give you an instant rush in the morning, a pick me up at night, or extra excitement and focus while playing Call of Duty the boy is this for you. If you want to be very pumped for a short workout this is for you – the rush is rivaled by very few products. But if you are looking for a product that gives you a good balance of endurance and energy there are better products on the market to suit your needs.

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