Advantages Of Using A Cross Trainer – Get The Facts


Elliptical cross trainer in useWhen you hit the gym, there’s a great chance that you have come across a machine that has two long handles at the cardio area. This is labelled as the elliptical bike, elliptical exercise machine or cross trainer. This is an exercise machine that incorporates the movements of several machines such as the treadmill, stair climber and cardio exercise all rolled into one.

It also combines the advantages of cross country skiing, biking and hiking. A cross trainer will enable your legs to travel in an elongated circular motion, as it forces your feet to move around in an oval pattern.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Cross Trainer?

You may have your fitness goals focused on losing weight or you may want to ensure that you are keeping your heart healthy. Whatever it is you have in mind, expect several advantages of using a cross trainer. Here are some of the major benefits or advantages of using a cross trainer:-

Impact is reduced on your back and joints

Apparently, the most essential advantage you can get from using a cross trainer is the reduction of impact. It is similar to jogging when it comes to the type of workout, without the wear and tear experienced by your joints. With jogging, you can feel the stress building up on your back and joints. If you are not using the right pair of jogging shoes, you can feel pain on your shins, back, ankles and knees.

However, if you are on a cross trainer, it puts a limit on the impact to your joints. This is because your limbs keep contact with the machine. People with arthritis can finally consider exercise using a cross trainer.

More calories are burned

The next best thing about using a cross trainer is its capacity to burn more calories. Compared to the amount of calories burnt on a treadmill or exercise bike, you can shed at least 8 to 12 calories per minute with a cross trainer. The actual workout may feel like a brisk walk but actually, your effort can surpass or equal that of a good run. So, you don’t feel very tired but you are losing the unnecessary pounds.

It provides a whole body workout

One of the advantages of using a cross trainer, especially those with dual action handlebars, is that you are able to use your whole body and even include your upper body. You can also choose not to hold the bar, if you feel it only slows down your pace. Some people don’t hold the bar as they feel their abs will really work harder to stabilize their bodies.

Your lower legs are strengthened

Another advantage is that you are able to work out your lower legs. As the cross trainer uses all muscles found in the lower leg, it will further strengthen that area to your benefit.

It is a comfortable exercise

A cross trainer is also great for the reason that it allows you to move at a comfortable speed while supporting you as you go for the casual burst of high intensity.

It is safe to use

Using a cross trainer will also put you at ease as it is very safe to use – so long as you follow the advice of your gym trainer. The machines movement will be determined by your own. This means that the speed of the machine is up to your own movement. The amount of resistance on the cross trainer will be the factor for the amount of effort needed to get your feet moving. And when you stop moving, the cross trainer will follow suit.

You can have one at home

One of the many advantages of using a cross trainer is it being ideal for a home setting. This can make a very viable option when considering home gym cardio equipment. As it uses hardly any electricity, it becomes economical to operate. The low impact training also makes for minimal machine maintenance, which therefore cuts the cost of owndership. Compared to getting a treadmill, a cross trainer is definitely a cheaper long term choice.

Your back and legs are less strained

The unique design of a cross trainer decreases the strain you feel on the back and legs. Many people who have try one say it’s even gentler than when compared to walking.

With all these advantages you really should give the cross trainer at your gym a try out if you haven’t already. And if you are looking for equipment to use at home, then definitely put one of these on your shortlist.