Modafinil vs. Adrafinil: A Comparison Of Side Effects & Benefits


OK, so firstly what are they, and what do they do?

Modafinil is a drug that is used to offset symptoms of narcolepsy and sleepiness/tiredness. While these are majorly associated with cocaine addiction, depression, stress and attention-deficit disorder, Modafinil differs from stimulants in the types of neural mechanisms it causes change in.

Adrafinil is a nervous system stimulant intended for heightened levels of mental – and emotional – activity. Independent users have noted everything from no change, to apparent new levels of awareness and cognition.

This article is not a sales or persuasion piece. It’s not attempting to manipulate you into using drugs without realizing that there isn’t one without a negative side effect. This is especially true when you consider that, if even the slightest short, or long-term, negative side effect occurs, it effectively has not cured anything.

We will not focus on the reasons and symptoms of people who use these drugs, and we will not shine a light on any reasons why you should do so yourself either. We will intelligently compare the two, being as informative as possible, while giving you only scientific data. In this mindset we’ll cover the true medical perspective. Then, once we have an accurate portrayal of these products we can then discuss why these methods are vastly inferior to other options.

If you are afraid of objectivity, please turn back now. Personally, I enjoy heightened levels of clarity, focus, competence, and awareness, and I don’t so much as drink a coca cola.

Comparing Modafinil vs. Adrafinil

First and foremost, they are both used as choices to ward of fatigue, and are often used independently as an aid. Many reports have come out detailing the usage of both among students. While they note that it is effective and popular, many have not contemplated the long-term effects of continual use. That this drug is used on a weekly (and even daily) basis, is a clear sign that lack of study concentration is much more of a symptom than an illness.

Modafinil has many benefits in place of conventional approaches to narcolepsy, multiple sclerosis difficulties, and other personal and well-being concerns. There are also possibilities for this substance to aid in other as yet unknown medical cases. What must be remembered however is that while it is not a stimulant, it is still a drug. Consuming mass amounts of caffeine, for example, will not fix sleepless nights, just as unnatural stimulation of the nervous system will not fix lack of proper study and low energy levels.

Similarities In Reasons To Use Them

For this reason, Modafinil seems like a new and enticing drug, while Adrafinil more of a replacement stimulant. But this is not really the case. Adrafinil is designed only to stimulate the regions of the brain that have the capacity for long-term stimulation, making them much more effective than caffeine or amphetamines.

Adrafinil has also been known to treat depression, creating a divide between the uses of both drugs. In either case, prescribed medications are toxic, and don’t really treat the root cause. They will mask the symptoms, but not cure anything.

The Student Dilemma

The logic being, that since your body may only heal itself during a state of deep, restful sleep, there still are potential risks. The reasons are obvious; people taking these drugs are not people who do things on time, in a relaxed nature. If they were, they would have plenty of energy, and would focus on their work and study, based on their strong, positive habits.

The real takeaway from this, is that the prescription and non-prescription drug arena is vast, and powered by a legal obligation for drug companies to turn a profit. Don’t let this confuse you. First people cannot sleep at night, and now they also have trouble staying awake.

Clearly, college students taking mind central nervous system stimulants designed for elderly people is a problem. The key to an education is learning to use your mind, independent of the situation. Not only do they demonstrate a lack of ability to do so, but relentlessly follow a converse logic; that is, degrading their mental capabilities in order to receive an education.

A Comfortable Lotion, An Effective Potion

If either of these are so bad, why are doctors prescribing it? Please keep in mind that if you were missing a limb, a doctor may apply a drug remedy to ease the pain and keep you alive (that is, if there is still time for that). In this case, though, there is no missing limb. The real persuasion is about the convenience of having energy and concentration, without so much as lifting a mental finger, or changing anything about your life whatsoever.

What About More Serious Cases?

In more serious cases, these drugs may be used to keep the patient alert without dehydrating, and in a controlled manner. Long-distance truck drivers, pregnant women in labor exerting mass amounts of physical energy, and athletes are a few examples where the use of these drugs almost seems like less of a recreation or convenience.

At the same time, the human body is designed to output enough energy for whatever is required for it to do. In fact, much of energy loss is due to mental and emotional stress. There are a few exceptions, however, and not all of them are due to serious medical emergencies.

An exception to the convenience/effectiveness reasoning, is a person with muscular dystrophy. These people frequently consume caffeine and/or other stimulants just to be able to get up and move around. With a stable, brain-targetted drug like Modafinil, the unknown areas of needed stimulation may prove to be valuable.

Relative to a nervous system stimulant such as Adrafinil, imagine a computer programmer, requiring a dedicated amount of this drug, in order to stay in a ‘polished’ state of activity. Of course, this is only due to the necessity of convenience and effectiveness in this case.

Although, as we’ll find out, a litle bit of effort in the beginning, to be more energetic, confident, and prepared for life’s situations and challenges, actually leads to more convenience and a heightened state of awareness. I am proud to deliver this article, as many intelligent, experienced practitioners of the mind today, still consume mass amounts of caffeine, aspartame, and other drugs, simply because they are misinformed.


It’s very persuasive to say, “This is a cutting-edge product, and the moment you begin using it for your convenience and mental mastery, you will aid the process of pushing it further along it’s development.” Now, to the intelligent and aware observer, where is the conflict of interest in that, and where is the true manipulation of logic?

I’ll answer this in a point-by-point, listed format, in order for you to recognize these persuasion techniques in the future. This will also help you see through controversy, and just look for facts. After all, that’s what ‘scientific’ means, is that it has been proven.

  1. The Conflict of Interest. Drug companies (which are normally publically-traded companies) have an obligation to make their shareholders money – not to make you more healthy. Think about that for a second. If they were really going to improve this drug, with the distinct direction of making it better for the popper’s health, they may come across a situation where they may lose money by doing so.
  2. If it wasn’t needed thousands of years ago, it is not needed today. People seem to forget that chemotherapy was originally created to kill people. Whenever nature creates a problem, nature creates a solution. Anyone in the medical arena recognizes that what a drug is intended to do, is to beat nature in doing so. For reasons that we will discuss later, neither of these drugs has done so. In fact, they’ve failed to produce one that has.
  3. The problem is not a lack of drugs in the first place. If you are lacking in energy and concentration, there is a definite reason for that. You don’t magically not have enough of what your body is designed to have. And when you don’t, it isn’t due to a lack of drugs. Although, if you have no other perceivable way, and you require it, I appreciate that. Just know that there are methods of gaining the energy, vitality, confidence, and concentration you want.

Personal Suggestions to Implement Today

Confidence has a lot to do with memory. The reason is that you are more able to quickly and clearly, adopt a mindset to you that is based on fact, power, and past memory. Why then, do people struggle so much with this?

Being In A Relaxed State

One reason is not correctly visualizing what you’re thinking about, and straining too hard to do it in ways that aren’t congruent with your natural ability to concentrate and remember. Here’s a detailed fix for you, but I warn you, the results are dramatic, and you won’t be willing to compromise anymore after you do it for a period of 21 days or more, consistently.

In a relaxed state, where there is not a shred of tension in your physical body, simply be fully aware and present with your current, present-moment activities. See, even if you were able to focus on studying for 4 hours, using one of the drugs analyzed above, how would it compare to just 1 hour, in a completely relaxed state, naturally concentrating on the material at hand?

The answer is that it is no comparison.

Eating Real Food

Food is something that is not taken into consideration much in conventional practices. Most people do not realize the significance that what you eat has on what you are. You are what you eat, and it’s scientifically proven.

Don’t think for a second that you’re unable, or that life is too challenging, to be fully energized and achieve a state of dedicated focus. It’s possible, and anyone can do it. Of course, many people do have challenges that are greater than others.

One example is in younger people. They have the tendency to blow things off much more easily. The effect of this is lack of undue stress, and a lower tendency to be manipulated by negative influences, from a good-feeling state, to a horrible one. This is extremely significant, as your body accumulates negative energy blocks in your body’s energetic pathways, as well as toxins stored in virtually every part of your body.


If there is one major take-away from this comparison and analysis, it’s that the world is always looking for new ways to think about life’s situations and challenges.

If you’re a young person (college kid), you don’t need to take these drugs to gain the desired benefits. Obviously, consult your physician before making any major decisions. It may be the route you ultimate want to take, to simply use a drug to enhance your energy and concentration levels. Just also be aware that you may do so yourself, faster, easier, and more safely without the drug.

The discoveries being made by using more advanced drugs are continuing to show up. As more people inevitably buy, research is done, to make them more effective. My personal stipulation, is that substances such as fluoride and ADD drugs, were initially introduced because kids were getting too smart. Now, think about what impact the simple drugs you’re taking (more out of convenience than necessity, realistically) are having on your health, your confidence, and your well-being overall.

Once you look into alternatives, you’ll see the real usefulness and practicality of these drugs. Having a paper due in 2 weeks is not as dire as missing a limb, or not being able to use your muscles. In this way, you really have the advantage of knowing what you can and cannot accomplish. In a world where education is becoming more and more conventional, the standards just don’t live up to the hype.